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"Before the rising of the morning sun ... one of you should be dead. ”



The youngest of four siblings, Tom Reich was born in Pennsylvania in an atmosphere of sports competition, contrasted with the aesthetics of the arts.  Growing up, he kept up with his athletic big brothers and was inspired by his father who was an artist, architect and athlete.  His father instilled in Tom a great appreciation for acting and classical music.

Tom began acting when he was nine and continued to study drama in college.  While being educated in the fine arts, he enjoyed the lively arts of theatre as well.  In this arena, he has participated in mime, produced school plays, voice-overs for the National Football League and recently starred in nine independent films, including REDLOVE, by veteran director Fred Vanderpoel.  

Tom is an accomplished painter, potter, ceramic artist and marathon runner.  He is currently studying with Chick Vennera at Milton Katsales’ Beverly Hills Playhouse.

He cites some of his influential favorites: Billy Wilder, Georgia O’Keefe, David Bowie, James Dean, Martha Graham, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorcese, Seal, and The B-52’s.

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