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"Before the rising of the morning sun ... one of you should be dead. ”


Growing up in Haiti, Martine discovered her love of the theater.  Her breakthrough role was that of a jaded prostitute in the play 'Parole de Femmes' at the National Theater in Port Au Prince. She immigrated to the United States after high school and completed college and law school. Her passion for acting did not waiver. She was a part of a theatre troupe in Florida while in college and joined the Columbus Black Actor's Theater in Ohio, where she performed in 'Wedding Band' and shined as Lady in Yellow in 'For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide /when the Rainbow Is Enuff.'

While practicing law in Ohio, Martine acquired an agent and landed several commercials, including featured spots for Charmin and Proctor & Gamble in the nationally syndicated PBS series 'African American Lives', as well as industrials for Bath and Body Works. Martine also worked on several independent films and continued performing in theater.  Encouraged by her success, she moved to Los Angeles in late 2006.

In Los Angeles, Martine took several courses including scene study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, improvisation at IO West, commercial workshops at the Stuart K. Robinson Creative. Martine currently appears in three indie films ‘Dark Woods’, 'Johnny Appleweed,' 'The White Year’ and ‘The Willing.
Martine has already forged ties to the Haitian community in Los Angeles and is the host of a Haitian radio show. Martine enjoys hiking, bike riding, travelling, sewing and she also collects shot glasses.


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